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There is a fair amount of research that shows you have, at most, five seconds to convince someone to stay on your website from when they first arrive.

So, if you only have five seconds what do you want to say to get someone interested enough in your business to stay on your website?

Should you tell them how much experience and expertise you have? About the industry award you won? How you support your local sports club?

While all of these statements may be true and highlight your skill and contribution they aren’t that important to your visitor.  That’s because they are all about you.

Instead, in those first five seconds you want to focus on them: on your potential customer and how you can solve their problem.

Your website visitor started looking on the web for a reason: they have a problem to solve. If they think that you can solve that problem you have a much better chance of keeping them on your site and converting into a customer.

So how do you focus your website message on the visitor? Here are three ways:

  1. Describe the future. If the visitor becomes your customer, how will they benefit? For example, the key message for a Personal Trainer might be: Rock that bikini this summer. You have now created an image of the future that will motivate your target customer to stay on your website and learn more.
  2. Tell them how you solve their problem. If the visitor has an urgent problem how can you help right now? A Call-Out Mechanic might say: We visit you 24/7 so you can get back on the road. Your visitor now knows they are at right website for their immediate problem.
  3. Describe what you do and why that is important. Why should the visitor care? For instance, an Accountant’s key message might be: We manage your business records so you can focus on growing your business. This message makes it clear how the visitor will benefit from using the Accountant.

After you have developed your key message, you can build the rest of your website content around the key message. This will make your website easy to understand, focused on your visitor’s actual needs  and helps lead your visitor to the next step of directly engaging with you (through a phone call, booking an appointment, or whatever is appropriate for your business).

What is the “five second” key message for your website?

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