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The Advantages of Using a Trusted Web Agency Over DIY

If you’ve ever considered getting a website, or you already have one – I’m sure you’ve asked yourself at least one of these questions:

“Should I go through a web agency or go DIY?”

“Is going to a web agency worth it?”

“Is choosing DIY going to be hard or mean more work for me?”

“Why’s DIY so cheap?”

First, let’s say that by DIY we mean using services like Wix, Square Space, Go Daddy etc. to build and host your website. These services provide seemingly simple-to-use templates that you can modify and build into your own website for a really cheap price.

It sounds nice and easy, but there are both advantages and disadvantages of hosting with big web development companies like Wix.

Advantage: Cheap as chips!

Disadvantage: A time consuming pain in the butt…

Don’t get us wrong, it works for some. If you already have an understanding of how websites work, are a tech master of some kind, or have the time and patience to sit through hours and hours of video tutorials – easy peazy!

But if you’re in the 80% who don’t really know and don’t have the time to acquire a YouTube degree in how the hell to navigate your online server, it can be challenging.

Most people struggle to work out the back end of their website, and it can end in disaster… We’ve seen it before.

All it takes is one wrong click, an unsaved change or forgetting to run your website security update (Yes, you really do have to do that) and you’re pulling your hair out and your websites an unusable mess.

So we’ve talked about some of the negatives of using DIY website building platforms, but now let’s get on a positive note and talk about the why using a web design agency makes your life easier.

Usually when you go to a web design agency and say you want a website; you’ll sit down and have a chat about your business as a whole and what your website needs are.

You’ll talk about design preferences, features you may want (maybe a gallery to display your work), the feel of your website, your goals and dreams – all that nice stuff.

But you’ll also be answering questions about the real function of your website and what you primarily want it to do.

Do you want your customers to call you and get a quote? Send you an enquiry email? Make an appointment? Put your product in their shopping cart and check out?

With this information, a web designer can tailor your website to encourage your potential customers to do exactly what you would like them to do!

If you need content for your website, written or otherwise, they can help with that too! Web designers often offer their copywriting and content marketing services. If you have your own content already, even better! But if not, don’t stress because it can all be taken care of for you.

Don’t even worry about running your website security updates, because that’s all taken care of when you choose to build and host with a web agency.

This means that you can rest assured that both the appearance, practicality and security of your website are fully looked after without you even having to think about it.

Running your own website can be stressful and time consuming, it takes away from your valuable time that could be spent doing other things.

Using a web design agency takes this stress out of the equation and lets you focus on what you do best, running your business!

Now ask yourself those first four questions again.

Is it worth it? That’s something only you can decide!

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