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How to Schedule a Facebook Post for your Business and Why it’s Worth Doing

Facebook is a weird and wonderful place. It allows us to connect with family and friends, stay up to date with worldly affairs, find products and services, and even promote our own products and services.

If you have a Facebook business page, but don’t understand all the ins and outs yet – you’re not alone!

Keeping up with your business social media accounts can be stressful and tricky, but it doesn’t have to be.

There’s a bunch of Facebook features that make running a business page a little bit easier, like being able to schedule a Facebook post days, weeks even months ahead of time.

This feature saves you time and allows you to post content more consistently.

In fact, statics show that scheduling regular posts during peak Facebook hours can actually boost your engagement and drive more traffic to your page.

Follow these basic steps to get your first scheduled Facebook post underway.

  1. Go to your Facebook Business Page
  2. Click on the “Write a post” box
  3. Write your post
  4. Look for the “Share now” box and click the drop-down arrow
  5. Select “Schedule”
  6. Facebook will give you a suggested posting time and date. You can select this option, or you can create a custom posting time
  7. If you want to create a custom posting time, click on “Custom” and select your date and time.
  8. Click “Schedule” and you’re done!

Now your post is scheduled to be published at your selected time!

If you want to review, edit or delete your scheduled post for any reason, this is how.

  • From your Facebook Business Page, select “Publishing Tools” from the menu at the top of the screen. This will take you to a list of your currently published posts.
  • From the sidebar menu, select “Scheduled Posts”
  • You can now see all of your scheduled posts, from here you will be able to review, edit, delete and reschedule anything you wish.

Now that you know how to schedule a Facebook post, give it a try for yourself!

You’ll be surprised at just how much time and effort you’ll save with this tool, and who wouldn’t want that!

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