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Two minutes with Hill Rest Counselling and Psychotherapy

This week CheDesigns had a chat with Johanna Coetzee from Hill Rest Counselling and Psychotherapy.

Johanna graduated from the Gestalt Therapy Institute of WA and holds a diploma of professional counselling from the Australian Institute of professional counsellors.

She owns a studio that she works from in Albany, where she provides face-to-face and occasional telephone counselling and psychotherapy sessions.

Johanna is passionate about her work; she is drawn to talking to people and helping them work through some of life’s more difficult times.

Johanna feels that having a website makes her more credible and allows her to display her qualifications. Her website acts as a place that people can come to learn a bit about her and the work that she does.

After Johanna got in contact with us at CheDesigns, we sat down in our office and discussed her website needs. Once we had a plan, we built out a website that would work for her.

CheDesigns also created a logo for Johanna’s business which has been found to be useful. Having a logo can make you more recognizable within the community and can connect your offline business to your online business.

After using our service at CheDesigns, Johanna is satisfied that her website design needs have been met.

“It’s a personal and local experience. And I found the pricing to be reasonable.”

Does your business need a website or support? Let us help you!

Visit https://www.chedesigns.com.au/about/ to find out what we could do for you!

Check out the Hill Rest Counselling and Psychotherapy website to learn more about Johanna and her work https://hillrestcounsellingandpsychotherapy.com.au/

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