3 Tips for Website Writing

We are all drowning in a firehose of content, from carefully crafted ads to the trivia of our Facebook friends.

So how does your website stand out?

Here are three tips to keep in mind when you are writing for your website.

1. People Scan
Most of the time, your website is being viewed on a mobile phone (over 60% of web traffic is mobile traffic). And most people don’t read on their phone they just scroll down glancing at the highlights and looking for keywords.
So don’t try to cram in a big block of text like in a novel. Instead use lots of headings and bold text.

2. Keep it Simple
When people stop scanning and start reading, they like simple text rather than complicated writing. Keep your sentences short – go for 25 words or less. Only cover one thought or topic per paragraph.

3. Make it Interesting
If people wanted to read “just the facts” they would be reading an encyclopedia not your website. So put your own personality into your writing. Imagine you are having a conversation with a friend. Try to capture that conversational style in your web page.

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